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Truely, madly, deeply ❤

7/3/10 12:54 am

Awww. Was listening to Down To Earth, and i cried like 3 times! Awwww poor justin. Wish i could give him a hug at that time. Awwww :P hhehe. 
Okay la. I'm too obsessed with him. Heehe. Well, i'm still young. I should still keep having to have dreams like meeting idols and what so ever. If im older, im not able to! Might even get people to unfollow me when they know my age. Muahahah! My bbbbbbbbbbbirthday is coming. And there's one big thing i gonna do for justin. Can you believe it? HAHAHA Shhh. i gonna keep it a secret. Anyway i gonna sleep! So cold!!!!
 rainy days!!!!

7/2/10 06:57 pm

I like boys with talent. :)
and i always got attracted by a boy's eyes first. 
Look at justin's eyes. Awwww heavenly beautiful.

6/30/10 12:07 am

 A romantic date to me is just a simple dinner at a simple place where you and i are comfortable at :)
That's the sweetest.

6/28/10 10:32 am

 When you started to think, "Oh they are the ones".
Eventually, they're not. 
Who cares, I still love my life with just one particlular person.
That's more than enough :D

6/28/10 01:03 am

 You've got one month to save for my birthday! :D hehehe i gonna list out the wanted items i have in my mind now :D One day list one item :D hehehehhehehehe

1. Rayben 's Sunglass. 

6/14/10 01:17 pm

woohoo! Morning people :D hehehe. 
So happy. Yesterday went to watch Karate Kid with sisters. :D And guess what? I get to hear Jb song at the theatre. How great? Hehehe. Totally like in heaven. Haha. Loveeeee. Awesome day i had. I bought two pair of shorts and a pair of shoe. Hehe. I really on holiday mood. :D I gonna save and save to get a new pair of spec! Dearest's fault! He influences me to get Ray Ban! Oh and a g shock. But he said too manly for me. =.= Awww. But i love the colour. Hehehe. Anyway i gonna love this two weeks break i'm having now. Heheh. Enjoy it babes and hunks.

6/4/10 01:01 am

Dumb ass man. 
Reformat my laptop. Finally the dumb shit SQL there! Phew! Really so tired. Keep trying and trying. Thanks for nic also. Help me try so many times thought it still failed. Ya, anyway just receive an email on my blaw. Sigh!!! I hate it. I hate to have a class before exam. Totally mess my brains systems. How can i remember so much in one day? &*(&^%$%^&*&^%$ Abit not happy!!! 
End here. 

5/31/10 04:02 pm

 Omg. Can you believe this? Justinbieber followed me on twitter!!!! 

5/29/10 11:43 pm


5/28/10 06:30 pm

 Really don't want to look at it anymore. :D
Just submit and that's it. 
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